Pro-Select Foundation Repairs in Johnson County

Pro-Select Foundation Repairs in Johnson County

 An increase of calls for Foundation Evaluations are  coming from Burleson, Alvarado, and Cleburne Texas. Foundation problems don’t occur over night. Often it takes years for signs of an unstable foundation to appear. These signs can form in many areas.

Items to watch for:

Brick Cracks

Brick is traditionally more rigid than the rest of the home and less likely to flex as the home shifts. The result often is cracks in the brick and mortar.

Uneven Doors

As the foundation shifts, the walls and rooflines will shift as well causing doors to stick or separate around the seams. Repairing the foundation will often correct unevenness or displacement.

Cracks in Walls

Cracks may appear in the sheetrock, wrinkles can form in the wallpaper and gaps may appear at moldings or in corners.

Sticky Windows

As the frame of the home shifts with the settling foundation, the windows may become difficult to open, stick, or develop separations around the framing.

Frieze Boards/Fascia Boards

Since the roofline is directly effected by the settling of the foundation, frieze boards may separate in the corners and fascia boards will pull away.

Sloping Floors

Once the problem increases in severity, a noticeable sloping will occur as wll as possible cracks and/or squeaking (pier and beam).

Cracks, separation and/or settling of patios, sidewalks and porches

Since most patios, sidewalks and porches are poured without the use of steel or additional reinforcements, they tend to show signs of a possible foundation problem first.

Signs of Problems

Since all of the items to watch for are only possible signs of foundation problems, Pro-Select Foundation Repairs utilizes Compu-Level which is a digital measuring device used by most structural engineers to gather accurate measurements and isolate any problem.

We here at Pro-Select Foundation Repairs have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, a YP 5 Star Reference Rating and 15 years experience. We offer the best customer service available to provide solutions to home owners and back up our work with a Lifetime Transferrable Warranty. Give us a call Johnson County 817-542-0313 or visit our website at

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